CoorsTek launches CoorsTek Medical. Check out our press release here.

CoorsTek Medical works with product innovators and manufacturers to turn great ideas into life-enhancing realities—making Lives Measurably Better. We have decades of experience with breakthroughs in areas such as joint reconstruction, extremities, trauma, spine, sports medicine, minimally invasive surgery, general surgery, cardiovascular, pulmonary, dental, dermatology, and other highly specialized surgical fields. 

What does this mean for doctors, hospitals, inventors, and medical device providers? With our decades of experience in developing high-quality innovations in your specialty, we can chart the best path to market for your product and provide you with a well-informed estimate of how much the process will cost and how long it will take.  When it comes time for divestiture, CoorsTek Medical has longstanding, constructive relationships with major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), allowing you access to broader markets.

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CoorsTek Medical supplies Brachytherapy device companies around the globe with porous engineered ceramic components that can be dosed with a radioactive isotope and injected into a malignant tumor. Learn about how we formulated a custom ceramic material with controlled porosity in our Brachytherapy Seeds Amazing Solution.

Cardio Rhythm Management (CRM)

CoorsTek Medical manufactures implantable ceramic feed-through and cases in a state-of-the-art automated production line. Bringing our team in at the design phase allows you to collaborate with experts from the multiple disciplines necessary to improve CRM medicine.  Check out our Amazing Solution to see how CoorsTek Medical developed a highly automated manufacturing cell to produce implantable ceramic plates used in pace makers.


CoorsTek Medical is a market leader in producing high volume high quality dental ceramic products for use by the major global dental OEMs. We use ultra pure, high strength materials that drive quality, and high-volume manufacturing as well as delivering low cost of ownership. CoorsTek Medical supplies blanks and components in customer specific formulations that address aesthetics including translucency and color shading that ensure the best patient outcome.


At CoorsTek Medical, our engineering team has developed over 50 different product lines within this segment. This experience translates into our ability to help you navigate through the components of development projects. Whatever your extremities development needs are, from total ankle and total shoulder replacements to plating systems for the hand, foot, elbow, and ankle, we can help you get it to market at a rapid pace.

General Surgery

CoorsTek Medical’s strong engineering fundamentals and excellent problem solving capabilities are important to our success in General Surgery. Recently, CoorsTek Medical’s innovations in this space have included a novel uterine manipulator for laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery, a disruptive technology for laparoscopic hernia mesh placement, and a first-of-its-kind adjustable ergonomic laparoscopic handle. These key technologies demonstrate that CoorsTek Medical is a leading innovator in the general surgery space.

Joint Reconstruction

CoorsTek Medical partners with OEMs and surgeons to develop cutting edge, comprehensive joint reconstruction systems by providing strategic innovation to total hip and knee systems with a focus on clinically beneficial, yet cost-sensitive, novel implant and instrument designs. CoorsTek Medical also provides a unique supply chain that makes us an industry-leading turn-key hip and knee partner, featuring metal castings, and surface modification, plastic and metal machining and ceramic components combined with instrumentation production.


Through the use of next-generation materials and best-in-class quality control systems CoorsTek Medical is able to design and manufacture new and innovative neurological medical device implants. Read about our Cochlear Implant and Neurological Stimulator Amazing Solutions to learn more about our capabilities.


CoorsTek Medical’s engineering and design teams have extensive experience in product development for the spine including total disc replacement, facet arthroplasty, pedicle screw/rod systems, stand-alone interbody devices, lateral lumbar retractors, expandable cages, and more. Our team brings experience to bear that your device needs to become a reality.


CoorsTek Medical provides market-leading trauma solutions via intellectual property generation, product development, and manufacturing. Through our clinical approach to innovation, we have experience inventing, developing, and manufacturing a wide variety of trauma products available including fracture plates/screws, external fixators, IM rods, etc.