CoorsTek launches CoorsTek Medical. Check out our press release here.

Our proven, five-stage CO-INNOVATION™ process has resulted in the successful launch of over 150 medical devices by incorporating services that go well beyond traditional product development, to include expert engineering and marketplace counsel, intellectual property and regulatory assessments, and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Our system is ISO 13485 compliant and is unique within the industry in that it: 

  •  Allows certain development phases to proceed in parallel 
  •  Focuses on value-added activities 
  •  Eliminates redundant steps 

The CoorsTek Medical CO-INNOVATION™ process has a track record of success thanks in large part to our talented technical professionals. We leverage their expertise by co-locating engineers, designers, and prototype developers to spur collaboration, ensure quality, drive efficiency, and promote real time feedback throughout the process.  CoorsTek Medical closes the loop from design and engineering to scale manufacturing.

Please contact us for more details about our industry-leading product development system.